How we met


August 2012, a normal summer day being spent on Tumblr (while I still had some fascination with that beyond shitty blogging site). I can not tell you honestly how I stumbled upon this blog. But when I did I was immediately intrigued. Okay, if you were to come across a blog with the URL of ‘Thanksfortheroughsex’ wouldn’t you be at least somewhat curious as what to the contents were? If you say no, you are lying.

I had to have gone through at least ten pages of her blog before I realized that it was basically pure perfection. I had never found a blog that was so kickass and beyond sexy, while still having posts of literature, art, photography and very well thought-out inner monolog’s before. I was in awe of how our blogs matched so perfectly. I had to let her know that I was enjoying her posts. I just had to. “I very much enjoy your blog. :)” Smiley face. Smiley face? WHY SARAH WHY. Almost instantly that beautiful little red message symbol lit up, notifying me of either my doom: being shut down and told I am retarded for putting a fucking smiley face at the end of the message, or hopefully a flirtatious response. (I have no idea why a smiley face was such a big deal in my mind then.)

Thank god. “Thank you:) I am enjoying yours as well :)” Fuck yeah. Double smiley face back! We began flirting back and forth, leading me to find out that she lived in Germany. “Fuck. You’re joking right?” I live in fucking Las Vegas, that is over 5,000 miles away..

“Want to skype sometime?” bum bump………………………..bum bump……………………..I felt like my heart was going to fall out of my asshole. “Yeah sure, anytime:)” I was so beyond nervous when our first skype date rolled around.

She called me, looking ever so cute in what we now refer to as her “slut shirt” because it just did not want to stay buttoned. Her hair was tousled and I was high. We began talking, and continued talking. Still talking and laughing and flirting with each other. I found that she was moving back to the United states in December. Florida to be exact. I felt hope. Some amount of hope that something could come from this at some point.

Our conversation concluded with us making sure to add each other on facebook and talk again as soon as possible… Our first conversation was 14 hours long! We pulled an all nighter just to talk to each other. We talked about everything and anything that came to mind that night. I remember getting off the phone with her and thinking damn…She is pretty damn great.

This became a regular thing, we talked and laughed into the late hours of the night. We found more and more common interests we shared with every day and phone conversation that past. After three weeks of this, She called me.

We both knew what each other were going to say: we called it being on each other’s brain waves. ” I know this will be hard, and I know there will be many challenges along the way, I know the time difference will be rough and every odd will be against us..but lets try this. Will you be my girl?” I didn’t care about any of the challenges we were going to face, I knew that if I said no I would be making a huge mistake. I just knew it. August 25 2012. We became a couple, and have been together ever since.

We have had a lot of rough spots, but the good times we have had completely outweighed the bad. I love this girl with my entire being.

Jenna Nicole Throckmorton, This girl is the absolute best damn thing that has happened to me. Thank god for the internet.

(lookout for How we met: in person December 2012.)

Sarah, a love struck dove.

Currently listening to: Angels by The XX


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