My First post! How exciting!

I have tried multiple blogging sites in the past and have never found one that really tickles my fancy. So after searching for a new blogging site I found one! WordPress! No promises that I will continue this blog on this website – this is basically going to be my “test drive” to see if this blog is something that I will be able to continue to keep up with and update on a regular basis.

So I figured my first post should be a broad outline of who I am and what my life consists of. Here goes nothin’!

I was born in Las Vegas NV and have lived here my entire life. “Las Vegas?! No fucking way! Do you party like all the time? Do you work at a strip club? Do you gamble on your free time? You must be a party animal!!!!!!” – No. I do not party and drink until my liver fails every weekend. I do not work at a strip club and NO I do not plan on it. I am not 21 so therefore I am not able to Gamble (I don’t see why anyone would gamble away their pay checks anywho. It’s not the smartest idea.) I am in no way, shape or form a party animal. Las Vegas is like anywhere else, really. Yes, I know that we have lots of lights and lots of intoxicated people stumbling around the streets of down town. I live in what I like to call the “suburbs of Las Vegas”. Its probably the calmest part of this city. And guess what – I can actually see the stars at night! CRAZY RIGHT?! I think the fact that I have grown up in a town where drinking until you need to be hospitalized is encouraged is part of the reason why I’m NOT a party animal. It doesn’t seem that important to me.

I am a graduating senior of Las Vegas Academy of the Art’s, a ‘prestigious high school for talented young individuals’. This may have been true when I was just entering as a freshman, when things were much more low key and our principle wasn’t money hungry. Since we were given Mr.Walker as a principle – a religious bigot, an impulsive man who makes decisions on a moments notice, our school – in my opinion has gone so down hill it isn’t even funny. Our school has been jam packed with incoming freshman for the past two years in order to get more funding.. Such a smart idea Mr.Walker! Now our music and theater programs are so fucking full of untalented cocky little assholes it doesn’t even matter if we try to give a shit about preforming to the best of our ability. Mr. W has made my life a living hell. I am the president of our schools Gay-Straight alliance, WHICH MEANS, I have to go through a longer process of getting things approved because of the fact that my club involves ‘gay students’. Why is this man our principle? We are an ARTS SCHOOL. We are not a military school full of juvenile delinquents. I am tired of hearing this man bitch about there being paint on the goddamn pavement. I am so damn happy that I am graduating in a few short months. I could not stand another year in this hellhole.

After I graduate I am moving across the country to be with the one person in my life who hasn’t let me down. My partner in crime, life, and everything in between. Jenna. I love this girl so unconditionally and so absolute that there isn’t a doubt in my mind that this girl is the only girl for me. I don’t care if you judge my relationship based on the fact that we are young, because in reality more than 20% of marriages are between people who met in high school. I would love to be able to marry this girl. But being that TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE are not key morals instilled in our society I don’t see this happening in my lifetime if we stay in this country. I am completely disgusted with this country as whole for that matter. The politics and mindsets of our nations most powerful leaders are pretty out of whack. Canada, here we come.

My life as a whole hasn’t been an easy one. And I’m tired of these people having misconceptions of what my past has been like. I have a blended family from hell. My mother is a psychotic ex-opiate abuser with a mother who thought it was a good idea to take my mom and aunt away from their father at a young age and portray love through gifts. My mom doesn’t have a good view of what a decent relationship should look like. She cheated on my father while they were still married and then divorced him only to marry this man who has completely changed my mom as a person. At this point in time I honestly cannot say I know who my mom is. She lets this man control her, and control me and my sisters lives.  Up until the point I moved out of my moms house into my fathers, my moms husband tried to make my life miserable in every way humanly possible. He convinced my mom that I was bipolar and had me put on meds that turned me into a robot. I was literally drugged up to the point of not being able to function, which only gave my moms husband more reasons to say I was a horrible child and needed help. After six years of having to deal with this shit from this man I developed a self abuse problem. How could I not when I felt as if I was drowning in this pain caused by this man trying to have me locked up in a psych-ward. I finally had enough and was old enough to make decisions for myself and moved out of my mothers house and got myself taken off of these insane medicines. My life has so many more aspects of pain in it that I’m sure I will go into more detail in future posts.

At this point in time, I am happy. I see my future, and it looks to be bright – the only problem is getting to where I want to be: a makeup artist/hair stylist who sews clothes on the side for extra money. I know I will figure it out somehow. I always do.

So there you have it, The basic overview of who I am and where I come from. Hopefully this blog works out!

Stay weird.

Sarah, the hopeful do-eyed deer.

Currently listening to: Stars by The XX, Quitter’s Raga by Gold Panda, Twelve Roses by Beach Fossils


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