My tunes as of right now.


These are my “Top Tune’s” on Spotify as of right now:

Bad Books: The songs that I have had on repeat on by Bad Books are FOREST WHITAKER and IT NEVER STOPS

alt-J: alt-J is probably one of my favorite favorite bands as of right now, seriously this is a new artist that I have been obsessed with. ‘An Awesome Wave’ is the only album they have produced so far  (came out in 2012). I seriously love basically all of the songs from this album but these are a few that I really love: TARO, BREEZEBLOCKS, MS, and FITZPLEASURE. This group has like a kickass sort of reggae type vibe with electric influences. I don’t even know how to put it – but this artist is probably in my mind one of the greatest artists to fuck to.

Devendra Banhart: Okay this is another really great group to fuck to.. especially if you’re listening to Für Hildegard Von Bigen. PURE FUCKING MUSIC (in my mind).

Feist: Do I even really need to describe Feist?  Fire in The Water from Twilight (yes I enjoy twilight, no I don’t care what your opinion is on me liking Twilight is.) is pretty spectacular. 1234 is an obvious cute little song that I dig, Honey Honey just..yes. I Feel It all, and My Moon My Man from her album ‘The Reminder’ are all really great.

Tame Impala: Tame Impala has some kickin’ vibes going in their music that I can really get into when I am in the mood for them (which is almost always). Feels like we only go backwards, Elephant, and Apocalypse Dreams are all really kickass to listen to if you are “under the influence” and want to be mindfucked with music.

The Kills: Okay the kills are just really great. Period. Future Starts Slow, Sour Cherry, Damned if She Do, Kiss The Wrong Side,and Gypsy Death and You are all great songs

Imagine Dragons: I just started to get into them because of the song Radioactive..That song is amazing. Seriously, but the one thing that really pisses me off is when a great song has a horrible music video. Please, if you haven’t seen the music video for this song, and are in need of a good laugh – PLEASE GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!

Cat Power: She has always been one of my all time favorite artists to listen to. I suggest y’all listen to: Sea of Love, Werewolf, He War, and Naked if I Want To. 

If you are in need of good music to listen to I highly recommend my top eight

Sarah, the with a sore thumb.


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