The beyond frustrating reality of society.

I am beyond frustrated with society. In general. I am mainly frustrated with the assholes on the US-95 headed south at seven in the morning trying to cut me off and get ahead of me WHEN THERE IS CLEARLY A BRIGHT FUCKING YELLOW SIGN THAT SAYS ‘LANE ENDS MERGE LEFT’. Fuck you all. None of you asshole’s are more important than the person behind and in front of you. Fuck you all. I hope, that at some point, all of you dickwad‘s have to slam on your break, resulting in your coffee spilling all over your junk and the expensive interior of your flash fucking cars.

I am also frustrated with the administration at my school. I am beyond done with having to deal with this shit. I would love to tell our principle to go choke on a man’s reproductive organs – but I wont, because I am a lady. My grandmother taught me right. I am sick of having to deal with the extra obstacles thrown my way to get something approved ( I know it’s because on every paper I submit it says, in clear black ink ‘Gay-Straight Alliance‘). I am tired of having my clubs activities denied because of the bigotry instilled in Mr.Walkers mind. I don’t fucking care to hear how he is accepting of the, quote, “Gay’s”. I don’t care to see him scan me up and down judging me. I really don’t – and honestly I don’t fucking care what his opinion is of me. I really don’t. This man has clearly proven to me that he is the last minute, impulsive, cookie-cutter, homophobic asshat that I always knew he was. I am in no way, shape or form; attacking this man based on the fact that he is Mormon. My grandmother is Mormon, along with many of my closest friends. I do not judge people based on what faith they follow. I, as a human being do not have the ability to judge someone. It isn’t anyone’s given right to judge me, so I wont do it in return.

(I Kind of want to get a tattoo that looks like this..”Only _____ Will Judge Me.”) I don’t have an issue with Mr.Walker because of his choice of religion. I may not believe in the crazy long haired magical man who lives somewhere in space or something, But with that being said – I have no right to judge people because of their choice of faith. I have an issue with religion as a whole (for the most part), honestly. Many Families brought up in traditional religious backgrounds (Notice I say many – not ALL), have dated and generic ideas of what is Normal/Acceptable and what is Unnatural/Sinful/and Wrong. For a community that was created on the idea of acceptance of all ‘gods children’, that we are all going to be forgiven when it come’s to going to ‘heaven’ – they sure are a bunch of contradicting spiteful assholes. (Again most, not ALL.) It is not okay to walk around telling people they are going to hell based on the fact that when I go to sleep at night, I’m falling asleep next to a WOMAN that I happen to love and cherish deeply, a  WOMAN  I have been faithful to and intend to marry. It isn’t okay, and I don’t see how it would be acceptable in anyone’s mind (who has decent morals) to go around judging people. I have seen too many close friends have to deal with being thrown out on their own because of who they have fallen in love with. Us ‘Homosexuals‘ can’t chose who we happen to fall in love with. I honestly don’t believe anyone can chose that. I feel that it is chosen for us before we are even put on this earth (who it is chosen by – I do not know, I am still unsure of my faith). That is the root for all of my hatred for the religious communities. I wept happy joyous tears at the last pride parade I walked in. There along the sidelines of the crowd, stood a bunch of priests with signs with the following: “I am sorry our religion has shut our door to you, we welcome you. Please forgive us.” It was a truly beautiful moment in my life. I still have some faith when it comes to religion.

Sarah, a slightly hopeful mouse waiting for her meal to fall.


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