Hairy armpits, unshaven legs, lesbian, short hair, baggy clothes, and a big fuck you to men.

This would be what most describe as a ‘stereotypical’ Feminist. I am in fact a Feminist, and to me this classic stereotype has proven to be more false in the past four years of my life. The type of Feminist I AM, is the one that wears fake eyelashes and red lipstick any chance she gets. I wear high heels and I prefer to wear skirts over pants. I do my hair and like to paint my nails, but these things do not dictate whether or not I will fight for my rights as a WOMAN.

Why? Why are you a feminist? It’s easy, I am a feminist because I believe in equality: gender equality. I believe every girl should have the right to wear what they want, go out and have a good time with their friends without the scrutinizing gaze of men along the crowded streets. I believe women shouldn’t be called sluts or whores because they like sex, or even dress a certain way. I believe every woman should be allowed to whip their tit out in public to feed their newborn child without any goddamn judgement. I believe our pay rates are wildly fucked up. I believe the way women are treated in the court systems is unequal.We are all humans, I refuse to listen to any one person be judged the way I was judged growing up. But that, there in itself is the issue. From a young age, we are taught to judge everything surrounding us.

I cannot continue my thoughts at this moment in time, for I am beginning to become to pissed off with society and our fucked up mentalities. I will continue this thought later on, but for now answer this question for me:



One thought on “Hairy armpits, unshaven legs, lesbian, short hair, baggy clothes, and a big fuck you to men.

  1. Great post!
    I have been stereotyped throughout my life, in the terms of my parents both coming from Chile.

    I find it such an interesting topic, as well as frustrating how people can be so ignorant when it comes to stereotypes.

    I have just blogged about stereotyping in the workplace and how it affects teamwork and relationships. After researching thoughts on different cultures and heritages it was eye-opening as to how many people really believe just because your Asian means your computer obsessed. I would be grateful if you could check out my post and hopefully comment about your experience!

    Thanks again,

    Saby from

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