A long wait.

It’s 10:42pm on a Saturday evening. I have situated myself on the couch next to the dog I have come to hate with almost my entire being – yet I can’t seem to bring myself to kick his ass off of my blanket. My allergies have gone into overdrive (like they do every year around this time) so I’m not exactly feeling up to anything but sipping on some ‘cool blue’ Gatorade and sneezing out my weight in snot.

I haven’t been posting lately due to my packed schedule of sex and cuddles with my fiance (first time I’ve actually said it, she is my fiance:) Thats right, we are engaged), Flying back from my soon to be home to what I am not calling my ‘temporary living facility’, dealing with my relentless family,  and figuring out how to execute the thrift store I have been planning for far too long to see go up in flames.

Speaking of my soon to be home, Florida was amazing. The storms, the sunsets, the beaches, my girl…I have so much to look forward to. So the storms…damn. The sex that followed with those claps of thunder and intense rains.. Damn. The weather was beautiful period. I miss my girl more and more with every word I type.

The one and only thing that seems to always spoil a perfect vacation: My family. The drama I had to endure over my break was completely and beyond absurd. At this time I don’t feel like getting into what happend: It would only make my craving for one of those fucking L&M shorts sitting behind the boxes in my closet so much worse.

Here are some photos of my vacation to My Home:)



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